Please Note: The intention of the organizing committee is to hold CollabTech 2022 as a hybrid conference with the possibility to alternatively attend it physically or virtually. If the pandemic is not overcome, CollabTech will take place in a fully blown virtual conference format.

CollabTech 2022 will be held at the José Enrique Diez library on the Universidad de los Andes campus. The campus is located in the Commune of Las Condes, City of Santiago, at the foot of the Andes Mountains.

Universidad de los Andes’ campus is reachable:

By Taxi

The address of Universidad de los Andes’ campus is Monseñor Alvaro del Portillo 12455, Las Condes, 100 meters up from the intersection between General Blanche and San Carlos de Apoquindo avennues.

By Metro/Bus

Take metro line 1 eastbound with destination Los Dominicos. When you reach Los Dominicos station, take the exit to “Camino El Alba” (i.e., avoid the Patagonia exit). From the bus stop “PC1064-Parada 1“, take eastbound bus service C02. Leave when you reach bus stop “PC635-General Blanche / Esq. Avenida La Plaza“. From the bus stop, walk 40 meters west (downhill towards the city center). You will find a car/pedestrian entrance to the campus. Walk straight ahead until you see the Campus Library to your left.


We recommend that attendees stay at the following hotels close to Manquehue metro line 1 station: